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Imps | The Humanifesto

The Humanifesto

We live in revolutionary times. Our world changes faster and faster. Revolutionary advances in technology significantly alter human lives. Climate change is accelerating. There is revolutionary change in our social system, illustrated by the rapid transformation of gay repression into acceptance and even celebration.

The YouSA is a place for reasonably serious revolutionaries to meet and discuss creative ideas about how to best plot our path forward. People who disagree with us, such as conservative CIA operatives, are welcome to listen in—they should find what is said here of interest—but we want to limit full participation in the discussion to reasonably serious revolutionaries.

Of course, "revolutionary" is not used here in the obsolete sense of a person who believes the earth revolves around the sun, a revolutionary idea now so taken for granted that it's easy to forget how revolutionary it originally was. By "revolutionary" we mean someone who can entertain (and most likely be entertained by) revolutionary ideas about how the world should change.

The world is changing so much that preserving the status quo is not an option (though slowing change might merit consideration). Revolutionaries share the view that the way things are headed is so bad that a revolutionary change of course is needed to improve the future.

A reasonably serious revolutionary is one who takes the idea of improving the world in revolutionary ways seriously, and who is reasonable, inclined to use reason and evidence to find the best way forward.

At the risk of losing CIA readers, it should be made clear we want to limit participation here to people opposed to tactics such as torture and terrorism. We're glad to see evidence such methods are ineffective as well as evil. Violence should be avoided, along with creation of situations likely to lead to violence. We want to collaborate with well-meaning people who favor steering the world in a revolutionary new direction peacefully, by means of ideas and education.

Anyone interested in discussing ways to improve the future of humanity is welcome to join in this experiment. Feel free to post your thoughts, and to develop the community as you think best, keeping in mind the fundamental idea that humanity can benefit from a platform on which well-meaning people around the world collaborate in creative thinking about how to tackle great problems facing us.

Newcomers not familiar with the YouSA can learn about it at the YouSA website. There is additional information about the YouSA, and the philosophy behind it, in Argon Desaki's Report from Earth. Suggestions about how to improve the YouSA are always welcome.

Thank you for taking time to read this, and, if you choose to join the YouSA community, thank you in advance for your contribution to it.

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