The Result of Revolution

When people are dissatisfied they want change, even revolutionary change. But the results of revolutionary change are often bad.

But shabby Alexandria, like the rest of Egypt, has seen little benefit from the revolution. The country is reeling under its latest repressive president and a tanking economy. The currency has lost half its value, and Alexandria has never felt so grim.
- Diaa Hadid, Remembering My Mother’s Alexandria, Nov. 29, 2016

"'Zimbabwe is suffering from vast shortages of fuel, bank notes, water and electricity. Drivers typically wait three hours for gasoline, and civil servants line up all morning to receive part of their salaries in cash. Half of the capital Harare receives running water only once a week, and electricity blackouts last up to 18 hours a day in many areas.''

"An inflation rate of more than 175 percent has put some food and medicine beyond the reach of middle-class Zimbabweans. Shoppers emerging from a Harare supermarket complained of a sevenfold rise in the price of bread since this time last year.'' ...
“During the coup, we were happy,” Mr. Muza said. “But we didn’t realize what was to come.”
- Patrick Kingsley and Jeffrey Moyo, A Coup Offered Hope to Zimbabwe. Has Its New President Delivered?, NYT, Aug. 10, 2019

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