Signs of Insanity

If O wants to change the country in one way, and T wants to change it in a very different way, T's election victory vindicates O, since they both favor change:

Aides even interpreted the results as a validation of sorts for Mr. Obama, because Mr. Trump stood as the candidate of change, just as he had, albeit change of a different sort.
- Peter Bakerov, Obama’s Policies and Broader Vision Face Reckoning With History, NYT, Nov. 12, 2016

A Catholic priest provides a good example of someone out of touch with reality:

He thunders about "feminazis."
When his daughter gets a poem published in The New Yorker, he declares, bizarrely, that it was “part of The New Yorker’s mission to abolish age-of-consent laws.”
- DWIGHT GARNER, Patricia Lockwood Is a Priest’s Child (Really), but ‘From the Devil’, NYT, MAY 3, 2017

Larry Roth Ravena, NY 2/17/2019
The story of the early 21st Century, assuming any future historians are around to write it, is going to be "What were they thinking?"
- Comment on The Editorial Board, What’s the Plan for Brexit? There Is No Plan, NYT, Feb. 17, 2019

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