Signs of Insanity

If O wants to change the country in one way, and T wants to change it in a very different way, T's election victory vindicates O, since they both favor change:

Aides even interpreted the results as a validation of sorts for Mr. Obama, because Mr. Trump stood as the candidate of change, just as he had, albeit change of a different sort.
- Peter Bakerov, Obama’s Policies and Broader Vision Face Reckoning With History, NYT, Nov. 12, 2016

A Catholic priest provides a good example of someone out of touch with reality:

He thunders about "feminazis."
When his daughter gets a poem published in The New Yorker, he declares, bizarrely, that it was “part of The New Yorker’s mission to abolish age-of-consent laws.”
- DWIGHT GARNER, Patricia Lockwood Is a Priest’s Child (Really), but ‘From the Devil’, NYT, MAY 3, 2017

Larry Roth Ravena, NY 2/17/2019
The story of the early 21st Century, assuming any future historians are around to write it, is going to be "What were they thinking?"
- Comment on The Editorial Board, What’s the Plan for Brexit? There Is No Plan, NYT, Feb. 17, 2019

Most people have generally accepted that playing football, in addition to teaching life lessons about teamwork and dedication, can lead to long-term brain damage, like any activity that involves a lot of collisions with other human beings or crashes with the ground.

And yet football remains the most popular sport in America, a behemoth that we spend billions of dollars on each year.
- Matt Futterman, They Love Football. They Try Not to Think About C.T.E., NYT, 11/26/2019

The state’s homeowners insurers lost a total $20 billion in the 2017 and 2018 wildfires, according to an analysis published in October by Milliman, an actuary and consulting firm. That’s twice the industry’s cumulative profits since the last major wildfires, in 1991. ...
For insurance companies, the most obvious response is to pass the costs on to customers in the form of higher prices. ...
But California, like many states, gives regulators the power to reject those requests. And the state forbids insurance companies from setting rates based on what they expect in future damages. Insurers are allowed to set rates only based on prior losses.
- Christopher Flavelle, California Bans Insurers From Dropping Policies Made Riskier by Climate Change, NYT, Dec. 5, 2019

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