Most Likely to Succeed

Greg Whiteley's new (as of early 2015) documentary about American education, "Most Likely to Succeed," makes the case that schools should teach students to be more entrepreneurial. Alexandra Heeney's interview with the director, Greg Whitely, provides a good overview. As of this writing there's a clip available on the web with some good content, such as the following comment from Thomas Friedman about what sort of skills employers are looking for:

So what is everyone looking for? They're looking for people who can do critical thinking and problem solving... in order to get an interview. Critical thinking and problem solving are really table stakes today. They assume you've got that. What everyone's really looking for are people who can not only do their job, but invent, reinvent, and re-engineer their job while they're doing it.

The documentary website claims (unfortunately without providing a source) that "Just 11% of employers—yet 96% of academic provosts—believe colleges are effective in preparing graduates for the workplace."

As often happens with such documentaries, it's unclear how to arrange to see it.

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