Lack of Enforcement

Why? Because in 2017, Democrats in the Oregon legislature voted party-line to reduce most non-violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. Getting caught carries little to no consequence.
- Tom Vinacci, Brooklyn, Comment in Nextdoor, 11/26/19

I used to be liberal. I would still be if I lived most anywhere else in this country.
- Juliet Grigsby, Reed, Comment in Nextdoor, 11/26/19

''Across the country, similar clashes are playing out as prosecutors who were elected in recent years promising a different approach to criminal justice have seen some of their efforts frustrated. Opponents with a more traditional view of law and order are taking concrete steps to try to block them in court and strip them of discretion or money to run their offices.'

From the start, these prosecutors met fierce criticism from law enforcement and other elected officials when they promised to... prosecute fewer nonviolent crimes....
- Richard A. Oppel Jr., These Prosecutors Promised Change. Their Power Is Being Stripped Away., NYT, Nov. 25, 2019

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