Imps Guidelines

Imps Guidelines

  • Items added should relate to the future of humanity directly or else indirectly, for instance by concerning an aspect of our current situation that has a bearing on the future.

  • Excellent quality and accuracy are essential.

  • Sources must be made clear, and for sources on the web links should be provided to make them easy to access.

  • Short excerpts pointing readers to the original source are considered fair use. Larger scale copying of protected work without permission of the owner is of course prohibited.

  • Judicious improvement of existing content is welcome.

  • We do not want the site cluttered with spam, advertisements, or irrelevant junk, so users who add garbage will be terminated. Well intentioned contributors should not hesitate to add what seems reasonable. Existing items provide an indication of what sort of content is suitable. Except in egregious cases, we'll provide a warning before terminating anyone.

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