Ignorant Mistakes

Lake Oswego, Ore., is a tiny grid of low, clean buildings wedged into the apex of the Willamette River and the eponymous, oblong lake. It looks like something a model train might trundle through, the crisp white buildings and black rooftops encircled with perfect pine trees.
- Emily Flitter, A Wealthy Suburban Community’s Disturbing Open Secrets, NYT, March 29, 2018 [In fact, the trees encircling Lake Oswego are predominantly firs or spruces; there are few pines.]

Mr. Trump’s critics should continue fighting fiercely against his attempts — on Twitter and off — to undermine the rule of law, to rig the system in favor of himself and his cronies and to take down not only the Constitution but also quite possibly, if he gets the chance, the Ptolemaic model, Newton’s Law, and maybe even the Pythagorean theorem in order to establish himself as the sole arbiter of truth.
- The Editorial Board, Trump’s Foes by Any Other Name ...., NYT, Nov. 19, 2018 [The editors of the Times appear remarkably ignorant of the distinction between the Ptolemaic and Copernican models and/or careless about the details of what they publish. The silver lining is that at least a few readers caught the mistake; Todd Pytel of Chicago commented, for instance, Not to detract from the broader substance of the article, but I'm pretty sure the editors intended "the Copernican model" in the closing paragraph? The Ptolemaic model had been discredited a good 400-500 years before Trump was born.]

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