Failure to Use Available Tools

Portland's lack of fluoridated water is not the only example of failure to make use of readily available tools to make human life better. Jane Brody describes widespread failure to use an available vaccine to defend against a virus that causes around 25,000 cancers in Americans per year (not to mention its production of genital warts):

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, about 14 million Americans become infected with HPV, most of them teenagers or young adults, and a cancer caused by HPV is diagnosed in an estimated 17,600 women and 9,300 men. ... But as of 2014, only 40 percent of girls and 21 percent of boys ages 13 to 17 had received all three doses of the HPV vaccine....
- Jane Brody, The Underused HPV Vaccine, NYT, Aug. 22, 2016

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