Failure to Control Campaign Financing

The leader of the Federal Election Commission, the agency charged with regulating the way political money is raised and spent, says she has largely given up hope of reining in abuses in the 2016 presidential campaign, which could generate a record $10 billion in spending.

“The likelihood of the laws being enforced is slim,” Ann M. Ravel, the chairwoman, said in an interview. “... People think the F.E.C. is dysfunctional. It’s worse than dysfunctional.”

- F.E.C. Can’t Curb 2016 Election Abuse, Commission Chief Says, ERIC LICHTBLAU, MAY 2, 2015, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/03/us/politics/fec-cant-curb-2016-election-abuse-commission-chief-says.html?ref=todayspaper

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