Excessive Artificial Light

New York Times report on problems caused by excessive light exposure:

Every day people are exposed to hours of artificial light from a variety of sources – computers, video games, office lights and, for some, 24-hour lighting in hospitals and nursing homes.

Now new research in animals shows that excessive exposure to “light pollution” may be worse for health than previously known, taking a toll on muscle and bone strength.

During the study, the rats exposed to continuous light had less muscle strength and developed signs of early-stage osteoporosis. They also got fatter and had higher blood glucose levels. Several markers of immune system health also worsened, according to the report published in the medical journal Current Biology.

- Sunpreet Singh, Excess Light Exposure May Take Toll on Muscles and Bones, NYT, Aug. 12, 2016

Cited article:

The pervasive use of artificial lighting in modern society disrupts circadian rhythms and can be detrimental to our health.
- Lucassen et al., Environmental 24-hr Cycles Are Essential for Health, Current Biology, Volume 26, Issue 14

In 1989, Ott “reinterpreted” the codes from the MCTBRP activity pattern data for 44 U.S. cities (Robinson et al., 1972) to estimate the amount of time that people spend in-transit, outdoors, and indoors, and he concluded that employed persons in the U.S. spend only about 2% of their time outdoors....
- Neil E. Klepeis et al., The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS), Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology 11, 231–252 (2001)

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