European Dysfunction

On top of the unresolved Greek problem, continued economic weakness, and high unemployment, Europe lacks a consensus on a strategy for dealing with the flood of immigrants. Britain threatens to leave the European Union, Catalonia threatens to leave Spain, and further afield, Ukraine has failed to maintain its territorial integrity, and Syria is disintegrating along with Yemen and Iraq.

European leaders have also recently waded into the debate, aware that any unilateral secession by Catalonia could send the European Union into uncharted waters. The European Union’s ability to produce a common response to crises has already been severely tested recently by a wave of migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern and African countries. A Catalan secession could also fuel the separatist claims of other European regions.
- Raphael Minder, Separatists in Catalonia Win Narrow Majority in Regional Elections, New York Times, Sept. 27, 2015

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