Western gray squirrels are native, & eastern grays are invasive. You can easily tell difference by reading descriptions of them. I believe Audubon euthanizes all eastern grays.
- Susan from Portland, OR, posting on Nextdoor, Aug. 22, 2017

Nick Metrowsky Longmont CO  [7/3/2019]
Humans think, because they have the ability to speak that they are top tier among all mammals. They think just because a lower form of mammal cannot speak, it has not concept of time, memory, self, emotion, and other human characteristics. They also think only their brain is superior.

If a person has cared for a pet, be it a mouse, rat, gerbil, cat, dog, horse, mammal farm animal, etc. know that these mammals are not just furry living things that are devoid of intelligence, and other attributes which can only be attributed to humans.

I have been taking care of a pair of sister gerbils for nearly a year. Not only do they recognize me, they also show various emotions, show levels of intelligence, and have worked out solutions to problems. Some things they have been able to do surprise me.

The point is, no mammal should be seen as expendable, just because they are not human. This article alludes to experimentation that is not ethical. These experiments, if allowed to continue, not only could revive the cells, but revive cognitive function. A living brain with locked in syndrome; torture for any mammal; awake but not sensory functions.
- Comment on Matthew Shaer, Scientists Are Giving Dead Brains New Life. What Could Go Wrong?, NYT, July 2, 2019

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