Complexity of human life is increasing, perhaps more rapidly than any increase in human ability to cope with complexity. For instance, the simple act of buttering one's bread, once a mindless matter of spreading butter, now involves a complicated choice: Is it better to use butter, or to select one of several ersatz alternatives?

Butter is high in cholesterol and saturated fat, which are linked to heart disease. Margarine contains unsaturated fat, but some varieties contain trans fats, which are also dangerous. Nutritionists suggest closely inspecting the label of your brand.

“Your goal is to limit intake of saturated fats and to avoid trans fats altogether,” according to Harvard Medical School.

“Look for a spread that doesn’t have trans fats and has the least amount of saturated fat,” according to the Mayo Clinic.
- DANIEL VICTOR, Butter or Margarine? In Dunkin’ Donuts Lawsuit, Man Accepts No Substitutes, NYT, APRIL 4, 2017

I believe the accelerations set loose by Silicon Valley in technology and digital globalization have created a world where every decent job demands more skill and, now, lifelong learning. More people can’t keep up.... ...
When you get that much processing power, putting out that much data exhaust with ever-improving software, you create a world where we can analyze, prophesize and optimize with a precision unknown in human history. We can see trends we never saw, predict when engine parts will break and replace them before they do, with great savings, and we can optimize everything.... ...
The notion that we can go to college for four years and then spend that knowledge for the next 30 is over. If you want to be a lifelong employee anywhere today, you have to be a lifelong learner.
And that means: More is now on you. And that means self-motivation to learn and keep learning becomes the most important life skill. ...
So the tough news is that more will be on you. The good news is that systems — like Khan-College Board — are emerging everywhere to enable anyone to accelerate learning for the age of acceleration.
- Thomas L. Friedman, Owning Your Own Future, NYT, MAY 10, 2017

The cyberattack was able to spread so quickly in part because of its high level of sophistication. The malware, experts said, was based on a method that the N.S.A. is believed to have developed as part of its arsenal of cyberweapons. Last summer, a group calling itself the “Shadow Brokers” posted online digital tools that it had stolen from the United States government’s stockpile of hacking weapons. ...

Industry officials said law enforcement officials would find it difficult to catch the ringleaders, mostly because such cyberattacks are borderless crimes in which the attackers hide behind complex technologies that mask their identities. And national legal systems were not created to handle such global crimes.
- MARK SCOTT and NICK WINGFIELD, Hacking Attack Has Security Experts Scrambling to Contain Fallout, NYT, MAY 13, 2017

The rejection of the complexity of modern politics — as well as modern business and modern life in general — lies at the core of populism’s appeal. The first American president with no record of political or military service, Donald Trump ran on a platform of denigrating expertise. His message was that anyone with experience in politics was a corrupt insider and, indeed, that a lack of experience was the best qualification.
- Masha Gessen, Trump’s Incompetence Won’t Save Our Democracy, NYT, JUNE 2, 2017

In the long months since the election, I have been doing some deep thinking about America, trump-supporters, and the future. I have come to believe that it is not low income and education which are the defining characteristics of the trump-supporter, rather it is fear of / inability to handle complexity. The modern world frightens them; the future frightens them. They fear the adaptability, the flexibility needed to survive and thrive. They don't have it and they don't want it. They want a stable, secure, predictable world to live in and Trump promised them that world. He can't deliver, anymore than he can bring back all the manufacturing jobs lost to technology.
- sjs from bridgeport, ct, comment on America in Retreat by THE EDITORIAL BOARD, NYT, JUNE 3, 2017

For a car owner — and certainly renters who might not know what they are getting into — the best way to prevent an unpleasant middle-of-the-night surprise is to check for a spare and be sure that it holds air. If there’s a sealant kit instead, read the owner’s manual (which may be on a DVD or available on the car’s display screen) and learn how to use it.
- NORMAN MAYERSOHN, Cars Lose the Spare Tire for a Leaner Ride, but It Could Cost You Wheels, NYT, NOV. 9, 2017

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